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Sentimentologia: Interactive Exhibition

Benfeitoria Warehouse

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

August -June 2014

Sentimentologia was the inaugural action of CromaSomos, which consisted of the occupation of a cultural warehouse in Belo Horizonte, Galpão Benfeitoria, with interactive art installations, as well as holding open spaces for artists to exhibit their work.

We held weekly synesthetic experiments, designed to explore the particularities of the relationship between colors and feelings through all the senses.

These experiences included a film festival, a blindfold sensory dinner, a poetry soiree, various dance and music performances, and live art performances, by CromaSomos and in partnership with local artists.

The Sentimentologia exhibition generated a database of hundreds of responses about the relationships between colors and feelings, demonstrating patterns and curiosities about these relationships that supported Vig Morã's research, and providing a guideline for CromaSomos' research for the coming years, as well as attracting artists from different areas to collaborate.



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