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5 Senses Giv Lowe: Interactive Exhibition

Among Senses, Colors and Feelings

Lisbon, 2015

Between October and November 2015, an interactive exhibition of scientific-experimental nature was held at Giv Lowe galery in Lisbon, in which volunteers passed through a circuit of sensorial installations designed to instigate the senses of sight, touch, smell and hearing; evaluating each installation in terms of feelings and colors.

In addition to the installations, CromaSomos, in partnership with local artists, carried out a series of synesthetic presentations-experiments, in which the public evaluated the music and dance in terms of the colors they felt.

This exhibition provided CromaSomos with a robust database, and led to the consolidation of the Sentirama or "map of feelings", which the public used in a direct and intuitive way to evaluate the works of art and presentations.

Find out more about our research on the Cromasfera and the Color Code of Harmony page.

Artists: Angelo Reale, Augustine Leudar, Bárbara Oliveira, David Gonçalves, Giverny Lowe, Guilherme Aguiar, Isabella Aurora, Janis Dellarte, Rezm Orah, Violeta Lapa, Vig Morã.


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