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Sentimentologia 2.0

Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica

Rio de Janeiro, August 5-26, 2023

The exhibition

Sentimentologia 2.0 is a circuit of installations and synesthetic experiment carried out during August 2023 by CromaSomos, directed by Vig Morã.

This circuit takes the visitor to immerse within themselves, to observe the feelings that are provoked by sensory stimuli to the five senses, and to categorize them; using specific colors, shapes and terms.

The installations

Croma Aroma

Users evaluated the aromas of six different essential oils using colors, shapes and feelings.

Croma Touch

Users evaluated the interactive installation Nas Quebradas, by Hélio Oiticica, based on the sense of touch, and also, as a form of contrast, a section inserted by Vig Morã containing natural cotton.

Croma Dance

Users replicated the movements suggested by Bárbara Maia  in five different clips with their own bodies, observing the sensation that each movement provoked. Movement: Bárbara Maia / Video: Vig Morã

Croma Shape

Users evaluated six shapes that organize the straight and curved in different directions and complexities.

Croma Sonic

Users rated five audio tracks produced to provoke different areas of our feelings.

After evaluating the five installations that appeal to each sense using the Sentirama platform, custom-made by CromaSomos, the visitor was awarded with their Flora-Sônica , with the colors and musical notes that represent their subtle being.



Vig Morã | curation

João Ramil | bamboo structures

Bárbara Maia | dance video

Marina Micas | production

Áurea Figueira | PR

Ana Cândida Pena | PR

Fiona Aman | PR (art)


Since the first edition of Sentimentologia, held in Belo Horizonte in 2014, which hosted dozens of synesthetic experiences by artists from different areas, the CromaSomos method began to develop.

Ten years later, together with Sentimentologia 2.0, we developed, a web app that allowed us to put our method to the test under the precision of technology, collecting and processing results in a more interactive and controlled way than ever before.

Below, browse through the interactive presentation of Sentimentologia 2.0 results, the first of it's kind by CromaSomos.

For best results click the full screen icon on the bottom right corner of the presentation's box, on a computer with a stable connection.


The public that attends the Hélio Oiticica Municipal Arts Center is a public that includes guided tours of schools and universities, as well as those interested in the arts of different ages, professionals and amateurs.


During the exhibition period we had some music and dance performances, by Vig Morã and the dancer Vero Símio, as well as a musical performance by Rezm Orah and a synesthetic tea tasting proposed by Vic Luz do Norte, representing the Brecha experimental studio.

Book Launch: "The Chromasphere and the Color Code of Harmony"

During Sentimentologia 2.0, A Cromasfera e o Código de Cores da Harmonia was launched at CMA Hélio Oiticica, an illustrated book by Vig Morã, published by Sempre-viva editorial.

This work is the result of 15 years of personal research combined with CromaSomos' research, on the interconnection between the basic forces of nature; focusing on music, colors, and how both phenomena affect feelings.


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