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Cromasfera and the Color Code of Harmony

This book, by Vig Morã, 2023, published in portuguese by Sempre-viva editorial, condenses 15 years of personal and joint research with CromaSomos, to establish elemental links between natural phenomena such as colors and music to our feelings.

Essentially, a new form of interdisciplinary language is presented here, which respects the forces of nature and the laws of physics that govern each of these phenomena and the subtle effects of these stimuli on our feelings.

This brings a mix of demonstrative illustrations by Vig Morã and works by Brazilian artist Efe Godoy, who used her surrealist and highly sensitive watercolors to bring special philosophical statements.

Original watercolors by Efe Godoy.

Cromasfera and the Color Code of Harmony is a profound and complex work, which walks in between the lines of art, science and philosophy.

This work delivers an original method to understand music, allowing us to observe harmony through mirrorings and contortions that would be frightening in black and white, but which here reveal themselves as colorful flower petals.

This is not, however, a work intended only for artists and musicians; is aimed at those thirsty for wisdom about our invisible internal world and about the multidisciplinary language of Nature, through which all its phenomena are united.


Cromasfera and the Color Code of Harmony is currently being translated into english and will be out soon! You can pre order your copy of this limited edition at


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