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Interdisciplinary Shapes

From April to June 2018, CromaSomos carried out a research residency followed by presentations to the public in art spaces in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, which included more than 10 artists, with the aim of studying in depth what would be the "basic forms" in music, in painting and movement.

Several activities of an interdisciplinary nature were carried out, with the aim of understanding how shapes can serve as communication between the different manifestations of art. 

Activities included painting sounds and movements, dancing and playing specific shapes and colors.

As a result of this work, CromaSomos developed a deck of chromasonic cards, which contains basic shapes in 5 colors, which we currently use for presentations, workshops and synesthetic and interdisciplinary games, in which the public has to guess which color and shape we are communicating through dance and music.



The Chromasonic Cards were developed by visual artist Guilherme Aguiar (Guigs) and researcher and founder of CromaSomos Vig Morã.

They were used during CromaSomos workshops at different festivals across Europe in 2019, as well as in a performance on the chill out stage at the Transylvania Calling festival, where the public selected cards that influenced the music being live made.


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