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Croma-Capi Residence 2022/23

In search of a place to write, Vig Morã arrived in Capivari, a little village by the mountains of the northern Minas Gerais state in Brazil.

During his stay, he taught interdisciplinary art, the same art he presents at international art festivals, to the children of this remote village at the foot of the Itambé peak.

This experience generated original and creative dynamics to introduce art to children and young people who have little or no contact with it.

Video by Vig Morã

Songs are original compositions by children and young people from Capivari together with Vig. All rights reserved.

Register by Vig and the children.

Original CromaSomos methods.

Find out more about the book Cromasfera and the Color Code of Harmony.

Capivari, MG

Imagens by Vig Morã

Some of the works by children and teens from Capivari:

Drawings made representing the colors of some of the characters in a musical story.

A Sinfonia dos Pássaros (Symphony of Birds)

By Ágata e Vig

A Banda Vingadoras (The Avengers)

Song: Vingadoras

Rock n' Roll Capivari

By Valdemir, Vig, Evelyn and Pamela

All rights reserved.


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