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CromaDance 2022

Milho Verde Cultural Gathering, MG, 2022

Experience focused on energetic balance through music, dance, and the use of spagyric quintessences or essential oils, with colors as a point of convergence and communication between these different stimuli and feelings.

This workshop can be presented in different formats and audiences, such as professional artists, amateurs or children.

CromaSomos: Dance by Zadô Luz and music by Vig Morã

Register by Rhavi.

Childcare and dancing by Taci.

Video by Vig Morã /CromaSomos

Virtual Experiment: What color? Watch the video below and tell us in the comments below the post what color was felt from the dance and music?


Method, sounds, images and videos: Vig Morã, CromaSomos, 2023, all rights reserved.


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