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CromaDance 2020

Lisbon, 2020

Dani Mesquita, Dasha Lavrennikov, Rezm Orah and Vig Morã, artists who make up the core of CromaSomos' research in the area of movement, met in Lisbon for two weeks for a synesthetic immersion residency between color and movement, with the aim of deepening our research through practical experiences and philosophical discussion.

This residence led to the creation of a series of solo videos on the relationship between 'opposing colors' as well as collective presentations differentiating the basic colors in light and pigment, which are found below .

Special participation and photos: Nóra Barna. 

Videos by Vig Morã and Rezm Orah.


Primary colors in pigment: Yellow, Blue & Pink

Primary colors in light: Green, Orange & Purple

Solo: Opposite colors


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