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Neuro Chromatics: Art Science Connection

A CromaSomos and Agentes Activos da Felicidade partnership

Innitial Experiments

Lisbon, 2020

At the invitation of the group of health professionals Agente Activos da Felicidade (AAF) and in partnership with the Laboratory of Mind-Matter Interaction with Therapeutic Intention (LIMMIT), at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, CromaSomos is bringing its theory and research to delve deeper into a topic of growing interest for researchers and programmers around the world: how to understand and capture human feelings using the advancement of technology.

Above, introductory meeting at LIMMIT between Vig Morã and scientists Marbriga Oliveria, Prof. Dr. Mário Simões, and Dr. Francisco Esteves, and the first experimental session with Marbriga Oliveira, Dr. Francisco Esteves, Nilton Maia and Vig Morã.


We carried out two sessions of introductory experiments, using an electroencephalogram (EEG) provided by LIMMIT, which measures the frequencies emitted by the brain, while musical researcher Vig Morã produced sounds with the intention of provoking specific colors and feelings related to the different extremes of the Sentirama (see Cromasfera and the Color Code of Harmony).

In the first session we used an existing application on the market, which proved to be too simple for the level of precision needed to capture feelings. In the second session, Vig Morã and Nilton Maia, partner programmer at CromaSomos, adapted a program they had been developing, VisualSonics, which transforms music frequencies into colors, to translate the frequencies received from the brain by EEG into colors.

This was tested successfully along with LIMMIT neuroscientist Francisco Esteves.

Currently fundrainsing in order to enable the continuation of this research.

Video: First Experiments. Lisbon, 2020


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