croma sapience

REnaissance 2.0

9 June 2020

interactive experiment

Under global quarantine and in a moment of environmental and social stress Cromasomos made a calling to the artist community to express their feelings about being alive on Earth right now, considering our role as artists.

Now we invite you to sail through the selected artworks, evaluating the ones which speak mostly to you, according to the color, feeling and shape which you perceive in them.

For best results we suggest you use a desktop computer with a stable connection.


0 state of being

Take a moment to breath and tell us a little about you and how you feel in this precise moment in terms of color and shape. Also define your anonymous ID, which you will be asked for each art evaluation.

1 Art visualizer

Perceive how each art piece affects your present state of being. When you feel touched by one of them, scroll down to the art evaluation. You will be directed back to this visualizer after each evaluation to choose another art piece. 

2 Art evaluation

Using the drop down menus, pick the art you wish to evaluate and the different aspects which best match the feelings that the art provoked in you. Click submit and repeat the process for a different art piece.

3 results

When you finish evaluating the pieces you connected most to, scroll down to the bottom to find out what motivates our research and what kind of perception patterns might be revealed by this experiment.

<> state of being <>

your Present state

Take a breath,

and observe how you feel in this precise moment. Can you describe it in terms of color and shape?

Your being


 anonymous ID

Chose one of your initials and a favorite number, which will be asked for in each art evaluation.


 main interests 

scroll down when you're ready






<> evaluation <>


croma sapience






Video Art

Rezm Orah

Brasil / Portugal




<> selection <>

<> Results <>

Thank you for taking part on this independent and non-profit research which works on the tri-border of art, science and philosophy.

With this experiment, Cromasomos wishes to gather data to support the theory that all feelings are universal as they abide to electro-magnetic laws, the same which govern the tones of music and colors. This explains the direct responsiveness feelings have to artistic stimuli such as the ones you have recently evaluated.

If you would like to receive the results from RENAISSANCE 2.0 in your inbox, leave us your email on the right. Also, do you have some feedback about this experience?

 youR FEED

Don't worry: the information that identifies you is not connected to the research database and will not be published or shared in any circunstance.

 The MAp of Feelings

In Cromasomos' vision the feelings that a stimuli generates in different individuals might be different, but they still abide to a basic structure of forces, what we describe as the Map of Feelings.

This theory emerged form analyzing data from Live Experiments  and Interactive Installations that Cromasomos carried out in the past.


Discover The Color Code of Life to know more about how the Map of Feelings works and how colors can help us understand feelings and music.

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The images in the Color Code are ceded by the author under the Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International: Vix Mørã, Cromasomos, 2018. Vix Mørã reserves all rights on Cromasomos logo and brand.

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