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Whether in art, science, technology or education, the quest to understand how different individuals classify feelings and relate them to stimuli such as colors, music, shapes, aromas or dance permeates all aspects of our work.

With science, art, philosophy and technology we aim to shed new light on the nature of feelings as being responsive to electromagnetic stimuli, establishing an intuitive, accessible and non-verbal language used to generate and directly refer to specific feelings.

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The Color Code

Discover the research that gave gave birth to CromaSomos, published in 2019, this illustrated booklet contains visual maps to identify, organize and show the interdisciplinary and electro-magnetic nature of feelings. Only a few more copies of this limmited edition are available.


Interdisciplinary initiative in partnership with the LIMMIT Laboratory at the University of Lisbon, and technology professionals, seeking to relate brain waves with music and colors to understand how different individuals classify feelings and respond to them biometrically.

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REnaissance 2.0

interactive experiment

In June 2020 CromaSomos launched the interactive online exhibition, where the public evaluates works by artists from 7 countries using feelings, colors, and other basic aspects such as light/dark or straight/curved.

You can still evaluate the works of art and check out the exhibition! Click on the image.

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Applied research

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