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We understand feelings, colors, music and any sensory stimulus as composed of the same pattern of nature that binds all forms of life through all levels of existence. From subtle to dense, from stable to volatile, from visible to invisible, from material to spirit.

We rely on science, art and philosophy, but we are not limited to these. We conduct original experiments among artists, scientists, amateurs and even kids to seek our own answers directly, particularly to understand how different people understand feelings and are affected by different sensory stimuli.

We see colors and music as direct manifestations of the great magic of life, perhaps the most palpable, providing us, especially when studied in communion, with a clear and intuitive code, so that we understand the laws that bind all existence, including the nature of feelings.

This wisdom, which the ancient Egyptians, Mayans or Vedas exercised in medicine, cultivation, engineering and astrology, was mysteriously lost a few centuries ago. Our calendar, our holistic sense of time, our sacred relationship with music, art, philosophy and science, have disappeared amid the industrial and technological revolution, causing a humanity disconnected from its roots and origin.

We aim to do our part to the limit of our potential, in the function of reconnecting humanity with the universe, with nature, and with the internal and external forces that move us and the universe itself.

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As guardians and facilitators of the Color Code of Harmony, as well as the discoveries and theories that this research has provided us, our mission is to bring this knowledge to the world, in a clear and objective way, as well as keeping it honest, sincere, open, holistic and participatory.

In addition to this main aspect, our mission also includes:

- Inspire children, artists, scientists, researchers, programmers, philosophers and enthusiasts from all over the world to invest in searching for their own answers, to connect with art, understanding its holistic and healing role, and expand this research until we are as a society in the midst of more harmonious frequencies; in a communion oftechnology, art and philosophy, in greater tune with our feelings and with nature.

- Empower artists from different disciplines so that they understand with greater clarity and in a more holistic way the importance of their role in society, as well as the power that their creations carry, giving them practical tools so that they can make use of their art of more directly, not by learning a specific method, but by expanding the perception of their own intuition and senses, in tune with the laws that govern nature.

- Re-establish the role of art and philosophy as fundamental pillars of society, so that more people realize that art is accessible to everyone and necessary for the channeling and materialization of energies and abstract concepts that live within us, thus enabling self-knowledge, and exercising many fundamental qualities such as creativity, rhythm, patience, balance, concentration and the search for our unique way of understanding the world.

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