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Croma Sapience is a result of Cromasomos' discovery of digital solutions which allows us to gather, display and analyze data more efficiently.

Dive into our first online interactive exhibition, RENAISSANCE 2.0 in order to experience this in first hand.

Croma Sapience é resultado da descuberta de soluções digitais que permitem ao Cromasomos angariar, analizar e demonstrar dados de forma mais eficiente.

Mergulhe na nossa primeira exposição interativa, RENAISSANCE 2.0 para experienciar esta solução em primeira mão. (Atualmente apenas disponível em inglês)




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the spectral visualizer

The Spectral Visualizer is a Cromasomos technology currently in experimental phase, which transforms sound into colors, according to The Color Code, allowing the visualization of music in an deep and truthful way. It can be applied for decorative and learning purposes associated. The Spectral Visualizer is being developed in partnership with programmer Nilton Maia, and can be seen here in it's experimental stage. Earth day is an interpretation by Lizzie Wonder submitted to Renaissance 2.0.


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Cromasomos is a non-profit, intuition-driven collective research body since it's foundation in 2012. Our work takes place where the physical, mental and spiritual planes meet. To support us is to believe in the power of colors and music to produce real change in the world.

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The images in the Color Code are ceded by the author under the Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International: Vix Mørã, Cromasomos, 2018. Vix Mørã reserves all rights on Cromasomos logo and brand.

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